It is paramount to my studio practice: To pursue paths less traveled, to illuminate the invisible when possible, to share my love of print and multiples as a medium. With that said I'm Happy to share "Letters to Chicago". This project has been a collaboration with @almightyandinsanebooks @sircharles_12
For Release at the NewYork Artbook Fair. • • • • •
Now available: “Letters To Chicago” by Sir Charles (@sircharles_12). Sir Charles is a pseudonym born from the gang violence that began to plague not only the streets in his own neighborhood of Brighton Park, but also many other neighborhoods in Chicago. A drive-by shooting that occurred in 2015 at Shields Elementary School fueled his mission to combine Chicago gang lettering and culture with a personal twist of empowerment, forgiveness, and growth. This mission simultaneously documents struggles and battles with alcoholism and drug abuse as Sir Charles, or Life of a Busy Dad as he’s also known, started a new chapter as a sober father for his daughter that continues to this day. In this publication Sir Charles’s letters are paired with mid 20th century photographs from the archives of Chicago’s Urban Renewal Department. Documenting the process of identifying “blighted” buildings/neighborhoods, and targeting them for destruction/replacement, these photos preserve images of bygone structures in the oldest parts of the city. This initiative displaced many from their homes for the sake of municipal infrastructure projects, a new university campus, public housing, and private real estate developments. With a mind to contemporary parallels, Sir Charles’s risograph-printed letters float through this history as a disembodied voice, while demonstrating a new lettering mode combining calligraphy with graffiti handstyles that is both deeply indebted to, and an integral product of, his native city of Chicago. Limited edition of 200. Risograph printing by @flatlands_press (Chicago, IL) and letterpressed covers by @is.press (Denver, CO). Link to order in profile. #letterstochicago #sircharles #chicagohistory #chicagoculture #urbanrenewal #risograph #letterpress


All of the Above: Art, Theory, Culture

Elephant Room Gallery is excited to be collaborating with Flatlands Studios June 12th through June 25th for a series of exciting happenings in the gallery. Eric Von Haynes of Flatlands Studios has curated printed ephemera, art objects, film, talks, workshops and performance art by various artists and art collectives from all over the world in order to transform the gallery into a community gathering space that will bring people together for a positive learning experience. The goal is to celebrate and embrace the idea of community through documentation, archiving, and activation of spaces in and through art practices.

All of the artists and collectives represented have a strong leaning towards positive outreach and information sharing through media. They all have ties to Flatlands Studios through past collaborations but never before have they all been brought together in the same space. The amazing artists and collectives involved are Thor Goodlife, KASHINK!, Mashaun Hendricks of CrimeDrought, Oscar Arriola, Fresh Pressed Chicago, Rebecca Ann Rakstad of RAR RAR PRESS, Peter Miles Bergman of is Press, Heather Link-Bergman, CHema Skandal!, Alice Lam, Tom Bold, Eric Von Haynes of Flatlands, Dredske, Tim Rodenbroker, Brian Steckel of An-ism, Marc Fischer of Temporary Services and ATOM-R.

All of the Above is a series of happenings that will be scheduled throughout the exhibition:

June 13th & June 17th (12pm – 8pm) – Mashaun Hendrick’s CrimeDrought: The Solution will activate the space with dialogue sessions that will strengthen community, transfer knowledge, share resources and implement solutions towards a crime free city. There will be interactive sessions each day from 1pm to 3pm & 5pm to 7pm.

June 15th (6PM – 9:30PM) – A dozen artists have been invited to create drawings on site as a part of artist Oscar Arriola’s secret sticker club. Artists will be equipped with cameras mounted on their head or chest in order to document their process and micro cams will also be attached to the drawing utensils in order to digitally capture their strokes. A short film will be created from the footage by Brian Steckel of An-ism in order to archive the event.

June 20th (10AM – 6PM) – FLTLNDS and RAR RAR Press will offer the opportunity to Letterpress Affirmations on 11×17 Broadsides. This event is open to both youth and adults and allows the opportunity to work with 3 centuries of wood type to create lasting memories and statements in ink. The cost is just $5 for individuals to participate and groups can contact the gallery for a group rate donation.

June 22nd (12PM – 5PM) – FRESH PRESSED will prompt attendees to think about positive happenings in their neighborhood, document them and share it with someone who lives in a different place, creating a positive impression that inspires action or starts a dialogue. We want Chicagoans who are tired of seeing the same shameful stories in the news about their city to show the world #whatsfresh (progressive, unmatched, game changing, cool and beautiful) and create the stories we want to tell about where we live. Activities will include writing news and stories on addressed postcards, completing a Fresh People Q&A which is a short feature spotlighting everyday dynamic people, live storytelling via social media, free swag giveaway and an onsite social media contest!

June 23rd (7PM – 9PM) – Marc Fisher, a Chicago-based conceptual artist and co-founder of the influential art collective Temporary Services, whose practice includes making and distributing small-press art publications, will discuss recent projects. These projects include Malachi Ritscher for the Whitney Biennial, Library Excavations and his Joong Boo Residency Program. Peter Miles Bergman will discuss self publishing and do readings from the is EMANCIPATION, an anthology of projects from The Institute of Sociometry performance and interventionist art projects spanning 21 years.


June 24th (5:30PM – 9PM) – Closing Reception for All of the Above. Guests will be able to view and purchase artwork, books and other objects, meet some of the artists and collectives, share in viewing the documentation and results of the past 2 weeks of happenings and network. The reception is free and open to the public.

All of the Above runs June 12th through June 25th. For additional viewing hours during the exhibition or to RSVP for any of the events, check the gallery’s website: www.elephantroomgallery.com. Most of the events are all free and all are open to the public. Elephant Room Gallery is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop of Chicago


"Flow” is a Processing-based short-film created by Tim Rodenbroker that shows the motion of sinewave-algorhythms in a three-dimensional space. The music was composed through a visual score and it’s fully synchronized to the video-layer. The film was created for the PSD-Medienfassade, a 14 x 14 meters tall LED-wall which is integrated into the architecture of the PSD-Bank in Münster. For the viewing, the film will be viewed on the wall or a screen with the sound enveloping the space.

KJELL Theory is an augmented reality performance by the art and technology collective Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality (ATOM-r). The work juxtaposes Alan Turing's mathematical descriptions of nature with algorithmic mutations of Guillaume Apollinaire's 1917 play "The Breasts of Tiresias", a genderfluid spectacle for which the author invented the word surrealism. KJELL Theory was created by core ATOM-r members Mark Jeffery, Judd Morrissey, Justin Deschamps and Christopher Knowlton. The video is shown on a flatscreen with headphones so that the viewer can watch on a more intimate level.

"All of the Above" - Art, Theory and Culture will be on view at Elephant Room Gallery until June 25th.